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The Awesome List

Hey everyone, sorry for going dark there so long. I have a lot of Senior-High-School stuff going on, but thats no excuse. Also I will FINALLY be getting a digital camera tomorrow so I will be able to do that review of the Moleskine Folio I got from Rucksackbags.com

For now, though, I have a list I created that basically is everything awesome I have found on the internet. It has links to all the content as well. Warning: you will get sucked in and addicted to many of these things! I highly suggest you bookmark this post, as it will be something you definitely want to have on hand!

Web Comics: (note:the links to these comics are to the first comic in the series with the exception of Dilbert)

A comic including math humor, and embarrassing situations (usually focusing on guy-related stuff).

A comic about video game humor. Has solid characters and story line with humor for everyone. Usually.

You can read all the business-related class humor of Dilbert.

A comic that is many times innapropriate, featuring a plotless theme with funny, but weird and NSFW humor.

A comic about “Art” and his friends. Really is one of the best out there, has amazing art and addicting storylines.

A comic featuring a cast of 20-somethings and their awkward adventures with relationships and situations that can get hilarious. Drama ensues.

A comic about a guy and his friends (and wife) they are into video games, but its not a center. Sci-Fi fans will love this comic.

I can’t really give a description for this, you really just need to read a few.

One of the most popular on the internet, this comic is heavy on math and computer-related humor and storylines.

Really smooth looking individual comics that are about a very large assortment of topics and interesting avenues of thought.

A comic about a 20-something single girl living on her own. Its really a blog in webcomic form. Some really interesting insight.

A single guy’s adventures through life with no real purpose. This comic isn’t laugh-out-loud funny so much as being really fun to read.

This guy’s weird, but it’s about this single guy who…I don’t know…goes through life? Just read it, pretty to look at.

Reviewers: (Video Reviews)

Very popular reviewer of old movies and TV shows in the 80’s-90’s era. Hilarious at times, ROFL at others. Please give him a chance.

The counterpart to the Nostalgia Critic, the Chick reviews old shows and such too, but from a girl’s perspective (guys will still love all her videos though).

Spoony is a guy who does reviews on movies and TV that he either really likes or hates. He’s a really entertaining person to watch and listen to.

Possibly the single most well known video game reviewer online, Yahtzee Crowshaw reviews video games with a killer accent and an attitude to match.

Video Content:

Picture video game characters coming into our world and trying to fight evil, you got AGKQ.

A weekly skit with two “friends”, Jake and Amir is about Jake, who doesn’t like Amir, who thinks Jake is his best friend. Hilarity ensues.

Animated series set in a dungeons-and-dragons setting. A group (doraleous and associates) forms and then assists others. It’s a comedy.

A satire driven news series from the Escapist, it runs kind of like the Onion (another satire news site)

This video series with two guys doing commentary on those cutscenes you see in video games. They narrate interesting perspectives on them.

Spoony again, but this is his full video list which includes what I consider to be his best videos (Let’s Play Swat 4). Give it a looksee!

An internet phenomena in and of itself. A comedy machinima about two inept opposing forces fighting. Shot using the Halo 2 video game. Pee your pants funny!

Foamy is a squirrel that likes to dis on humans and all our inadequacies and how we frustrate him. He gets really pissed at times.

TV Shows: (note: you need to click on the “available links” option and look carefully to see the links)

A series about a serial killer who kills only bad guys. (he’s the protagonist) He works for the police department. Suspense ensues.

My personal favorite, Stargate SG1 is a 10 season-long sci-fi series showing aliens, interplanetary travel, wars, weapons, and military activity.

Same as above, but on a different planet…in a different galaxy. A thrilling twist that is more gun-battle oriented.

Again, same as above, but these guys were pulled against their will to a ship in the middle of nowhere. Alone, and about to die.

It’s Star Trek, but this particular one is set on a space station rather than a ship. Common people, IT’S STAR TREK! Watch it!

The (arguably) classic Star Trek with Captain Jean Luc Picard captaining the Starship Enterprise going boldly where no man has gone before!

This is the most underrated Star Trek. It’s set on the Starship Voyager which has been flung halfway across the galaxy and is having to fight it’s way home!

The international hit started in Britain, it’s about an alien calling himself the Doctor traveling through time with his companions fixing the timeline. SO GOOD!

One of my favorites, this is an INCREDIBLY intricate and complicated Sci-Fi thriller with multiple timelines and dozens of perspectives of people stuck on an island.

House is a genius doctor that can figure out any illness. Problem is he hates people, and people hate him. Also, his staff has a lot of sub plots involved.

About the little-known branch of the federal government that deals with naval illegality. Think CSI and Cops rolled into one.

Common, everyone knows Family Guy!

See above.

About a group of kids that are foul-mouthed and get into trouble. The show likes to use this to comment of society and recent events.

A professionally done stop-motion show using dolls and action figures for random comedy sketches. (think SNL)

About an office setting with a useless and lazy boss and many other brilliant office characters that bring a lot of humor and drama to the table.

A cop comes to a town that is filled with genius’ and futuristic tech that is being made in secret. Very sci-fi oriented, as you would imagine.

A spy is black listed and forced to live in Miami, Floida while he works out a plan to get back into the business. A serious spy thriller that will have you glued to the TV.

Two professional special effects guys scientifically bust or confirm common myths in society. Lots of explosions involved.

The classic show about nothing, Seinfeld is about a group of 4 friends and their adventures in NYC. Been around forever, and for VERY good reason.

A germophobic detective who is brilliant, but has an incalculable number of social and personal problems that brings the show many story arcs.

A legal firm in Boston that has a cast of lawyers who are either insane, or about to be and their wacky clients. Be warned: they like to slip in controversial topics.

The classic Twilight Zone, which is basically a sci-fi thriller that talks about many topics and subjects. I can’t do it justice, just watch an episode!

One of the only animated shows on here, Invader Zim is about an alien (Zim) who comes to earth to learn about it and infiltrate to gather intelligence. A comedy, trust me.

The single most underrated and abruptly cancelled show on television. Its a western-themed setting…in space. WAIT! DON’T LEAVE! Give it a chance, damn it!

A story featuring him and his dysfunctional family of crazy people and their lives. Really makes you appreciate your family, heh.

A man (Les Stroud) goes into the worst environments on the planet by himself and films his time there. For seven days. Without any supplies!

A “game show” (not really) that has 4 guys doing improv and various other games that the host (Drew Carey) pulls out of a hat. UNBELIEVABLY HILARIOUS!

A story featuring a real life pawn shop in Las Vegas and their many deals and transactions going on. Think of it as a modern Antiques Roadshow.

A young, brilliant doctor is fired from his job because he made a correct ethical decision. He now works in the Hampton’s attending to the rich and famous with his brother.

A unique mini-series about a group of criminals that attempt to rob a bank, but end up in a several-day standoff with the cops. Very edge-of-your-seat action.

Written Content:

A site with daily funny and interesting articles on a variety of topics. Follow the link and I guarantee you will find many things to tickle your fancy.

A blog from an angry, temperamental 20-30 something girl that likes to use her site to vent. A very gifted writer, makes everything quite interesting.

Another blog, this time from a guy that lives his life by many minimalistic and meditative principals that really make you think about your life.

Seriously, this guy is my favorite author HANDS DOWN! His fiction is totally brilliant and suspenseful and intelligent and it seems to be written with sci-fi at heart. BRILLIANT!

A site where people who work in retail and customer service come and submit their horror stories of dealing with stupid/mean customers.

A site people come on and submit short stories of something that happened in their life. The people here are anything but ordinary.

Another site that will eat every second of your life. TV Tropes examines and explains all the tropes in media, in a wiki-format.


If your big on Moleskine notebooks (or really any notebooks) this site is all about them and their accessories. Not for everyone, obviously.

A site people where people have mailed the owner a postcard anonymously that has a secret on them that they can’t tell anyone, but who want to say it.

-Trenton Stahl

While I do not own any of the above websites, or content, I ask that you give me credit for this list if you use it anywhere else. Also, please link back to this page if you do so. Thank you!

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    This is about a lot of funny s#!t right here, dude. I didn’t know you had it in you. Peace…

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  3. Trenton Stahl
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