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Difference Between Nerds and Geeks

February 23, 2010 1 comment

To the uninitiated is should be known that there is a difference between Nerd and Geek. In fact, the difference is such a large divide that to mistake one for the other is a travesty. Indeed, if you were to call a Geek nerdy, why, you may just get a beat down! (note: a “geek beat down” usually consists of slanderous words hurled from a distance and copious amounts of pizza arriving at your house for which you did not call)

Lets start off with Nerd. The typical nerd is comprised from 1 part anti-sociality, 1 part geek ( will get back to this in a moment) and 2 parts intelligence. In other words, a Nerd is someone who is anti-social/socially awkward, but intelligent. These are the kids who get straight A’s in class, but never talk to anyone…ever. Also, people who prefer the company of their own drawings/writing to human interaction could fall into this category. Basically these are those who choose to isolate themselves from society, but have strong, intelligent hobbies.

A Geek is something similar, but with one distinct difference: they don’t isolate themselves. Sure, they have activities like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft that keep themselves occupied, but they are not doing these things as escapes from the real world, rather it is simply an enjoyable experience for them.

Another thing about Geeks is that they are many times the people who are most fun to be around. They have funny stories, are good conversationalists, and tend to be outgoing. The main thing that separates them from everyone else is a “geeky” pastime which most people can’t appreciate/don’t understand. Geeks also have the advantage of usually having a talent associated with their hobbies. Computer/drama/band geeks would be prime examples. Nerds on the other hand, do not have these qualities.

Now I want to get back to something I mentioned earlier. The fact is Nerds can have geeky (notice the lower-case “g”) qualities about them. They can be good at computers, or an instrument. The thing is, they don’t like to be around others, and they can’t usually operate well in groups. That’s what it really comes down to.

Now you understand the important difference between the Nerds and the Geeks. Hopefully you have come to a more complete picture of the controversy. And yes, others do have different opinions on the issue, but they are wrong.

And please, do be kind to the geeks. After all, they will be the ones controlling everything when computers are integrated with businesses and healthcare and government…oh wait…

-Trenton Stahl, Geeky and Proud

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Food For Thought V

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

startrekshirt.comEver heard the question “Could God create a boulder he couldn’t lift?”. It’s a common question posed by atheists to stump theists about the nature of God. If you ever find yourself in that situation, here is what you should say: “What does the color green smell like?”. They will initially look puzzled and then say that green doesn’t make a smell, and they would be right.

Asking what the color of green smells like is an illogical question, because it doesn’t have a smell. Similarly, asking if an INFINITE being could be limited by THEIR OWN powers in the form on a FINITE object is illogical. Something to keep in mind.

Trenton Stahl

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Top 5 Webcomics

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I am a big proponent of time wasting online. In today’s world there are far worse things someone could be doing than drowning their existence with the entertainment of others. This post is about my favorite webcomics. These have all been on the net for years, and won’t be leaving anytime soon. All of them are funny, all of them are worth looking into.

Be warned, though. By reading any further, you will almost certainly be signing away countless hours of your time to reading these spectacular artistic endeavors.

These comics are in no particular order. Also, the links are to their first issue, not the latest.

1) Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques

A comic focusing on the adventures of a early 20-something indie rock loving guy named Marten Reed and his many friends that are girls (see what I did there?). Also his little anthropomorphic, sentient robot named Pintsize as comic relief. This comic has over 1500 issues, and is updated every weekday. Situational comedy surrounding relationships is the primary advancing device of the plot.

2) Real Life Comics by Greg Dean

This one is about a group of friends (the characters of which are added to and subtracted from over the course of the comic) who live their lives to the fullest. The main character is Greg Dean who lives with his friends. The cast is almost entirely consisting of nerds and geeks (yes, there is a difference) and how they live their life. Shout outs are given to recent movies and video games the the artist takes interest in. There are computer savvy interests here as well. Geek-comedy and pop-culture influences are the driving forces.

3) Abstruse Goose by [author won’t divulge name]

A comic very similar to XKCD, (which hasn’t been listed here for it’s sheer number of fans) the artist is very familiar to high mathematics and physics concepts. There is no named characters, but the one that appears in almost every issue is a blue-hatted geek that is either trying, or has gotten a girl. Also, consistent referenced to Star Trek/Wars is notable. Less about laugh-out-loud humor, and more subtle, almost British humor. Those geek-savvy will be the best audience.

4) Ctl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley

One of the most popular comics online, this particular gem is a classic gamer comic. It centers around two guys, Ethan and Lucas, who love video games and other nerdy things. Pop culture references abound here. This comic is also praised as being (as of the last few years) one of the best looking online. Consistent updating and a loyal fanbase has driven this one to the top for very good reason. Video games, movie opinions, hilarious situations and relationship interweaving are primary plot points.

5) Sequential Art by Phillip M Jackson

Having over 600 issues, this comic is amazingly unknown. Being more a side project to the artist than anything else, SA is a masterpiece in it’s own right. You have a cast of just about every viewpoint and character. There is technically a main character (named Art) but he is co-starring with several friends, all of which have their own characteristics and observations. This comic can appeal to just about anyone, and everyone should give it a chance. The emphasis on artistically-inclined characters lends itself to that community more, but this reviewer is not artistic at all and loves it dearly.

There you go. With all of this info I wish you luck in not calling in sick to work/school tomorrow after delving into these works of genius. After having read all of this, did you noticed me missing anything? Are there any comics you read that should be on this list of awesomeness? Please drop a comment below!

-Trenton Stahl

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