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Podcast 2

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Today is about another Podcaster’s recent upload and my reaction (hint: it’s not good). Check it out:

Trenton Stahl

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Podcast 1

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey guys, I’ve started to do podcasts on Audioboo, and will be publishing them here on AA. For some reason WordPress won’t allow me to embed it, so here’s the link. Enjoy!

Trenton Stahl


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Major Art Update

June 15, 2010 Leave a comment

well hello! I just uploaded four complete pieces of art. I apologize for not doing so sooner, but I had to wait until a contest was over for a couple of them, and I had just finished the other two the day before yesterday and yesterday! you should be noticing a more frequent posting, considering school’s out for the summer! I’ll also be taking art class, so who knows what you’ll find!!



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Yeah, about that whole “alien” thing…

I just wanna invite you buds and bud-ettes over to the “Little Grey Men” page. It gets updated every week along with the strip that appears @ the pick-up window @ the Forza Coffee Co. in downtown Puyallup, WA where it got its start. Anyway…, peace.

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You’re not the boss of me…!

For the record, the whole idea of Conquering Earth is out the window. That was just a far -lung flight of fancy that, while they were here, our alien buds decided was worth trying…for whatever reason. But, how cool would it be to hang w/ Ed? I mean, c’mon–look at him! Anyway, friends, it’s a Wednesday! Have an AWESOME one…!

Art Update

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey all!

Trenton suggested I actually post and let you guys know that I’m updating. I’m taking that suggestion to heart! Hehe! Anyways, I’ve updated my page with three new pieces of art. One’s of Aries, i’m working on a series for all the zodiac. I’m going in a specific order clearly. I also have a more digital painty style of my main character Mute. I’m messing with that a bit more. This is a definitive improvement. And finally a Fan art drawing of Xyin from Paranormal. All but the Aries is on my Deviant. I also have a mini journal on there too. Keep on checking out the site, and my art!

If you wish to contact me for any reason, my email’s on the about us page!


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Food For Thought V

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

startrekshirt.comEver heard the question “Could God create a boulder he couldn’t lift?”. It’s a common question posed by atheists to stump theists about the nature of God. If you ever find yourself in that situation, here is what you should say: “What does the color green smell like?”. They will initially look puzzled and then say that green doesn’t make a smell, and they would be right.

Asking what the color of green smells like is an illogical question, because it doesn’t have a smell. Similarly, asking if an INFINITE being could be limited by THEIR OWN powers in the form on a FINITE object is illogical. Something to keep in mind.

Trenton Stahl

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