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Browsing through this site, you will probably notice there is more than one person here. Advanced Apathy originally started as a personal blog, but grew to include two close friends of Trenton’s, Tirinwe and Bugaboo. Obviously pen names, these two individuals are contributors of content to the site, with Bugaboo being a poet and Tirinwe being an artist. Both also write editorials when fancy strikes them.
No, I will not tell you what it is im holding.

No, I will not tell you what it is im holding.


For all intents and purposes, my name is Trenton Stahl.

I live in a city called Puyallup in the state of Washington. I  fancy myself a writer of sorts, and have many interests, science fiction being a prime example. I am also a fan of most of the “stars”: Star Trek, Stargate, StarCraft, and BattleStar Galactica (I was just kidding about the last one, its a pretty bad show).

I am an avid debater, with passions for many things to defend/attack when the time arises. If I ever say something that offends you, or that you want to argue/talk about as the case may be, never hesitate to e-mail me: trentonstahl@advancedapathy.com

I play video games, with the current forerunner being the mod for Half Life 2 called Insurgency. I also love to read, with science fiction and fantasy being the most likely choices. I am always reading something new, mostly fantasy or sci-fi.

For TV, I watch a wide assortment of shows and movies. As mentioned earlier, I watch Star Trek and Stargate (both the original and Atlantis). Burn Notice is also a prime choice, with The Office and Eureka being close competitors.

To describe myself, I am a 6 ft. student. If you were to know me, you would probably say I was on the geekier side of the spectrum. I am into computers (specifically computer security) and am more than happy to help my friends with their problems. I spend most of my time alone, but am trying to get out of that shell. I am a picky eater, I eat almost no meat, and no veggies. I am what you might call a Dairitarian.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell. If you want to talk for any reason, shoot me an email. I will respond quickly…usually…




Mai jampa's

Sooo, I suppose I should put something up so you know the person behind the art, and why my art is the way it is. Just about every site I am on I am considered Tirinwe(tear-in-we); for those who have issues reading!  Iive in the same place as the Trenton.

I am a major art freak. I love Disney, as well as ghost whisperer, a haunting, eleventh hour, good movies (Nightmare before Christmas, Stardust, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Lord Of The Rings, Spirited Away, Castle In the Sky, Princess Mononoke, etc.) the list is too long! Er… I like games, soul calibur is a love of mine. Sims, my addiction.

Kawaii Is my middle name, and i will die for cute things. I wish i was Japanese (speaking it is good enough for me.) I am the nerd of all nerds, I outdo men (mainly cuz I’m a she). I go to Ren. fairs, I DO play DnD, I love medieval things. Old movies entertain my brain, and kitties have a soft spot in my heart. I want a Bernese Mountain dog. Purple and Green kick tushies.

I am, the oddball. I’m hour-glassed shaped, and I’m tall. My most favored (and made fun of by me) feature is my monkey feet. And if you don’t know/haven’t seen my feet you cannot sit there not believing me. Man-monkey-feet fo sho!

I don’t check my emails often sadly, but I supposed I should: Tirinwe@advancedapathy.com

You can also see me stalking around here: Deviant Page!


What does Scibbirishm mean? Well, I’m not sure.

I’m the creator/ writer/ artist of the Paranormal comics.

When I’m not drawing, I’m reading web comics, comic books, and playing Pokemon games.

I’m an aspiring illustrator/ comic artist etc…

I also stalk people on the side. :)

Find me on Deviantart or Blogspot at my personal blog. Or e-mail me at: kilobyte_me@hotmail.com

  1. Your loving sister
    January 1, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I know what you’re holding :):) I’m so smart.

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