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I feel as if I’ve lost part of me,

It’s like the weight of the world depends on me.

I thought I could deal with it in my life,

But there’s too much pain…too much strife

I walk though this world lifelessly while I may,

With nothing to look forward to, but yet another day

Soon I’ll be gone,

As I watch a pool of red turn into a sea.

The wind whispers a sad lullaby song.

I hear the spirits voices calling unto me.

The tears roll down my cheeks,

And the room begins to spin.

My strength is gone; I am weak.

My head begins to get heavier again & again.

I feel the gushing blood begin to slow.

The light is fading quickly &

What angers me most is that no one cared enough to even try to know.

As I utter my last words, my only regret is…

That they weren’t heard

By Paige  11/16/06



Snowflakes fall gently before my eyes

While all is silent, including mice

Families gather here and there

Christmas spirit floats through the air.

Santa visits every house

Filling each stocking and tree with presents abound.

Children laugh and play

As love is visible throughout night and day

Silver bells and mistletoe

Hang in shops filled with toys and clothes.

Snowmen dance to sweet music rung throughout the land

And joyous carolers sing hand in hand.

Green trees sparkle with lights aglow

While Rudolph flies, guiding with his bright red nose.

by Paige  11/30/06



Someday far beyond the blue,

I’ll be watching over you.

Someday we’ll all have perfect wings,

Forever and eternally we will sing.

Someday we will trod golden streets,

Our Lord and Savior we shall meet.

Someday we will greet old friends,

Never having to depart again.

Someday we’ll hear the angels praise,

Learning all of their glorious ways.

Someday we will talk with God,

Yesterday was here and is gone.



By Paige  4/23/07



Friends will come,

And friends will go.

Seasons change,

And children grow.

Time ticks by,

Far too fast.

Before we realized,

Today is past.

Faith, hope and love,

All is given to us from Above.

Living for another day,

Not knowing when we’ll go or stay.

Sharing laughs,

And having fun.

And living life,

Till all is done.

By Paige  2/14/08



The sunlight refracted off his jade green eyes,

Depicting perfect movements, keeping watch on the prize.

Every muscle is tense as he moves through the brush,

Each silent thought of a full meal, feeling a rush.

His full camouflaged fur lets him move without being seen,

Growing up on hunting and serving himself makes him lean.

Any of these gazelles would satisfy just fine,

But its the best and slowest that makes him think “mine”.

The herd senses that a predator is afoot,

So they blitz to safety, as they know they should.

The chase is on, a fight for its life,

But it’s really no match for the tiger’s strike.

His paws move in a quick, rhythmic pace,

With intensity in his eyes, and determination on his face.

From his mouth a loud roar, and one giant leap,

He sinks his teeth in, and his prey falls into a heap.

The sweet taste of blood, ripping of fresh meat,

The tiger knows he’s won, and the gazelle is defeat.

When he’s had his fill and all is done,

The glorious tiger trots away, towards the setting sun.

By Paige  2/23/09



Seeing, watching, meeting, longing

Laughing, singing, walking, talking.

Had these feelings for quite awhile

I loved it when I’d see you smile.

I’ve tried my hardest but nothing won

I don’t know what else I could’ve done.

I know I’m not perfect, but then who is?

And not in my heart it’s you I miss.

By Paige  10/15/08



The soft glow of a candle flame

The gentle whisper of the wind

A torn photograph

A broken frame

So much misery gathered in one place

So many teardrops falling from one face

He left without a goodbye

He left without a word

But in it all, he didn’t leave without being heard.

By Paige  ’08


All work on this page is subject to stringent copyright. Copying of any or all of included poems is punishable by law. For any questions contact Trenton Stahl:

  1. arpad35
    May 15, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Why so depressed thoughts, life to short. AlthoughI I like the words in does anybody care

  2. Trenton Stahl
    May 22, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Paige wanted me to say that she wrote the depressing thoughts because at the time she was feeling horrible.

    Now however, she feels happy with life and what it means. :)

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