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Weekly Pictures, Theme: Guns

February 16, 2010 2 comments

-Trenton Stahl

Note: I do not claim to own, or to have made any of the above pictures. All pictures are watermarked/captioned to their respective owners.

Food For Thought IV

December 15, 2009 2 comments

Liberal organizations like the Brady Campaign strive to eliminate guns all together. My question is how they think that will help, considering that criminals wouldn’t follow the laws to turn in the guns. The way I see it, only the law-abiding citizens that should have guns would allow their guns to be taken. Not only that, but criminals then would know that pretty much anyone is undefended.

-Trenton Stahl

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What Would You Kill For?

December 11, 2009 2 comments

Back in September I took a two day, defensive handgun training course at the FrontSight Institute. Before I had gone, I knew how to shoot a gun, where all the parts were, etc. However, once I was there, I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. They taught me things that have brought my skills with a pistol to a level rivaling people who have shot all their lives.

One of the parts of the course, though, was one I hadn’t expected. They gathered us into the large conference room and gave us a lecture on the different aspects of gun ownership, one of which was when to kill. Now, I am sure if you went up to any handgun owner, most of them could give you a generally vague idea of when they would pull the trigger, usually involving the risk of life.

Before I went to FrontSight I had an idea as well. My sentiments were that if a person was threatening my life, or the life of another, or was breaking into my house/car, I would fire without hesitation. This is something I had never REALLY considered, it was always more philosophical than anything. I had done some research and discovered that Washington (the state I live in) has whats called “Stand Your Ground” gun laws. That is, you can shoot someone for endangering your life, the life of another, or committing a class A felony. Matches pretty well with what I was thinking, huh?

What I had failed to consider is that this is a far more complicated world than I had envisioned. After taking the FrontSight course, I sat down and seriously considered what I would shoot someone for, as there are several factors to keep in mind:

-After shooting someone, no matter what, you are likely going to jail, at least for a short while.

But It Was Justified!

-If there is any doubt in the case, you will likely be prosecuted, which will take time and a lot of money to defend yourself.

-Your family and friends may see you differently for having killed a man, regardless of it being justified.

-If you did ANYTHING wrong in the shooting (shot the person in the back, was mistaken on your report of how many shots you fired) they will use that against you in court.

-The obvious grief you will have to live with for the rest of your life for taking a life.

These are all things I have thought long and hard about. I have come to the conclusion that while it is technically legal to kill someone for taking your stuff, it isn’t worth it. The policy I have chosen to adopt is one of “if I’m not willing to die for it, I’m not willing to kill for it”. I am willing to die for my family, or even (believe it or not) a person on the street I don’t know. What I’m not willing to die for is the CD collection in my car that I see some punk stealing in the middle of the night.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no compunction drawing down on him and placing him under a citizen’s arrest until the cops show, but popping the lock on my car isn’t worth a death sentence in my book.

Now here’s a different situation: A person has broken into your house, and you hear him rummaging around downstairs. What do you do? I know what I’d do, I’d go down and double tap him in the chest without a second thought. He is in MY house. And while he may just be there to steal something and get out, I can’t know that. Also, he may have a gun. I would never be willing to risk the life of my family by drawing him down and ordering he get down on the floor.

How about this one: Your on the street and see a woman getting mugged, what do you do? If he were holding her at knife point, I would pull out my gun and tell him to assume the position he no doubt knows well. If he makes a move, he’s dead. If he were to have a gun, I would take aim and fire, knowing that even if he didn’t mean to kill the woman, I don’t know where the gun is going to end up, or what the person is going to do in the future.

One last scenario: your on the street and you see a man run up to a woman and steal the infant in her arms. You pull out your gun and take aim. You have a clear shot, can’t miss, but you don’t know the circumstances. That could be the child’s father, or it could be a joke, or even if you are correct in that its a kidnapping, what if the baby is seriously hurt when the man falls? They could even be killed! This was a scenario that a friend put to me a while back and I still don’t have an answer. If I shoot and it’s a misunderstanding, I am responsible for the possible deaths of both child and man. If I don’t fire, and it is a kidnapping I could have prevented, I would never be able to forgive myself if anything bad came to the kid.

What about you? Under what circumstances would you use deadly force? Are they the same as me, or different? Comment below.

-Trenton Stahl

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Cops Called On A 9 Year Old

April 27, 2009 1 comment

At the ripe old age of 9, I had police called on me.Freaking Swat!

It was in Pleasenton California where my cousins used to live. I would go down with the rest of my family and visit them every other year if possible. When I was 9, I went down there and spent some time with my aunt. It was at this point my loving aunt thought to buy me a cap gun.

Now, if you know me, you probably know that I am a reasonably calm person with a few short spurts of incoherence and dismissive thinking. Reverse that, and you have me at 9. I was the most idiotic, stupid child in the world. Keep this in mind.

So, I have the cap gun. Of course I do the first thing every 9 year old does when he gets his first cap gun, go out in the backyard and shoot imaginary ninjas! They were behind the flowerpots, over the fence, around the house, even in the fricken ground if you can believe it. They were everywhere, but I wasn’t worried, I had Cap Gunmy cap gun!

It was after what was probably the 90th cap that a neighbor comes over and knocks on my aunt’s door.

*BANG BANG BANG* (him knocking on the door)

“What the **** is that noise? My ******* dog ran through our screen door and broke a vase after hearing those pops!!”

My aunt goes and opens the door. She can’t believe that this guy is going so crazy.

No, seriously, this guy was nuts.

“Who the **** is going to pay for my stuff?! You?!” he’s pointing at me

Now you can understand how this is scaring me. My aunt keeps calm and says it won’t happen again. After many more explicative’s, he leaves with the promise to bring cops the next time it happens.angry neighbor

So, it’s the next day, and I am bored. I can’t believe I did this, but I took the gun and went out again. I shoot more ninjas (or were they pirates?) and had much fun. Not more than 3 minutes later, however, and I heard the dreadful sound again:


My aunt looks at me, and reluctantly opens the door again. His time however, he doesn’t look mad. In fact, he has a smile on his face.

“My dog ran through the door I just installed earlier today. I am calling the cops, and I will sue your ***!” he walks away in the manner I would imagine Wile E. Coyote would if he finally caught the roadrunner. A few minutes later, a cop appears around the corner to assess the situation. At this point I should mention that 3 nice neighbors who know me come stand by my aunt and talk to the cops with her. They (the mean neighbors, the cop, and the good neighbors) talk as a group for about 5 minutes. Then I can hear the cop finally say:

Happy me!“Ok, where is this guy, I want to talk to him” I come out from inside the house, and the cop stares at me. He looks to the mean neighbors and laughs and drives away. I learn later that up until the point, he had assumed I was a teenager causing trouble. When he saw I was 9, he just left, apparently not wanting to deal with the mean neighbors. After it was all done, I was quite happy! (see pic on the left) Needless to say, I never shot a cap off again. However, I was never able to walk past them without getting an evil glare…

-Trenton Stahl

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