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A Non-Issue In America Today

May 16, 2009 2 comments

Take a moment, if you will, and visualize 4000 people. If you need some help, that’s 8 of the newest 747-jumbo jets. Now, think about this. If 8 of these planes were crashing into America every day, if 4000 people were dying each day of the week, would you take notice?

Of course you would, because it would be ridiculous to do otherwise. To simply let 4000 people a day die is something that as a nation we would never do, right?

Wrong. Abortion is the leading cause of death in America, did you know that? Here are some statistics:

Leading Causes of Death in America
Cause of Death Number of Deaths One X represents 25,000 deaths
Stroke 167,661 XXXXX XX
Chronic lower respiratory tract disease
122,009 XXXXX
Accidents 97,900 XXXX
Diabetes mellitus 69,301 XX
Pneumonia, influenza 65,313 XX
Alzheimer’s disease 49,558 XX
Nephritis, nephritic syndrome, nephrosis 37,251 X
Septicemia 31,224 X

I’m sure almost all of you have heard heart disease to be the leading cause of death in America today, but it’s not. Abortions are almost double heart disease. I must say I was shocked to learn of this. When I did, I contacted a friend of mine who is an avid liberal-supporter of pro choice, and I must say she didn’t give me a very good argument.

She told me that the biggest reason for her supporting abortion was that it allowed girls who were raped to not have the rapist’s baby. Now, while I don’t believe that a good enough reason to end the life of an innocent, I did some research. It turns out that only 1 percent of abortions are because of rape/incest. I went back to her with this, and she couldn’t give me an excuse for those numbers. She then claimed that the number of medical complications necessitating aborting a baby also weighed in on the statistics. I looked that up. As it happens, only 3 percent of abortions are because of medical problems.

In case the math eludes you, that’s about 60,000 babies. If you still don’t get it, that’s 1,440,000 babies murdered when the mother has consensual sex, could live fine with the birth, and simply doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of their choices.

Let me give you some more math. If those babies had been allowed to live, that’s 16% of the population in the United States killed!

Just think about it, we as a nation have spent literally TRILLIONS of dollars on research to cure heart disease, cancer, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and STD’s. All it would take to save 1.5 million lives a year, is for the public to simply say no. No, to the ending of babies that have done NOTHING to the public, and who’s only crime was to be born to a monster of a person who would end them because it’s inconvenient on her life!

I am alive!

Society is not asking you mothers to care for these babies. There are thousands of couples across the country unable to have a baby that would love your child, care for them, and you don’t even have to meet them! Scared of possible problems from giving birth? Get a C-Section! They will get the baby out with an incision, on your time schedule.

Now you know. You know the monstrous, damnable act that is being perpetrated by people across the country that is murdering masses.

We remember the people killed by Hitler, because they were victims of an evil dictator. He killed 5,291,000 Jews, 258,000 Gypsies, 10,547,000 Slavs, and 220,000 homosexuals. A total of about 16,315,000 people. Since Roe Vs. Wade, we as a country have killed over 50,000,000 defenseless babies. Abortionists, give me your reasoning for that!

I’m sure all of you can think of someone in your life that is a bother. That either drains resources, or causing discomfort, or is a burden in some way. Why don’t you kill them? The simple answer is that they would fight back. Consequences would ensue, and problems would befall you. Unborn babies have no way to protect themselves, they require you and me and everyone one else to fight for them, because they depend on us.

I leave you with this quote:

“All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing” -Edmund Burke

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