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Top 5: Ways To Not Be Bored

March 28, 2009 2 comments

We have all had moments where we have had nothing to do, and have been utterly bored to tears. Whether it be a game you dont want to be at, a wedding, funeral, or business meeting, your sure to having boring moments. And the worst part? You can’t bring something with you to occupy your time, as it would seem inappropriate. While this may not always be the case, it is certainly good to know how to occupy your time with nothing at hand.

1) Consider Hypothetical Questions

What would the world be like if there was suddenly no coffee? How would that couple react if I was to go over and punch that guy? What would I do if I was invisible? All good questions to ask yourself, and remember, thinking of the questions is half the entertainment. If you think of a really good one, consider remembering it and asking a friend later.

zombie2) Think Up Zombie Plans

This works especially well when your in buildings. Look at your surroundings and consider how you would fend off a zombie attack. As an added bonus, make your plans using nothing but what is currently in the room, including the people! Who do you think would be the first to spaz out and shoot someone? Also, what would be your prefered weapon of choice, a shotgun, flamethrower, silenced pistol, etc. Think about what the perfect anti-zombie arsenal would be? The topic of zombie’s alone can eat of many hours.

3) Attack Something Your Passionate About

Whether it be religion, opinions, or even your preferred gaming console, you can use your stance on subjects to entertain you. For example, if your a hard-core PlayStation 3 fan, consider an argument against it, and for the Xbox 360. If your a Christian, think of reasons why God could not exist. Whatever your passion may be, think of your best argument against it and debate in your mind. You may be suprised what you can come up with.

4) Experiment With Your Body

Get your mind out of the gutter, I didn’t mean that! Wherever your sitting, try to see how many muscles you can move. See how loud you can crack your knuckles. Compare the lines on your palm of each hand, are they the same? See how far you can trace your veins up your arms.

42-155289765) Write Your Story

If you have a pen and paper readily available, you can put down some thoughts on a story of your choosing. Even if your not a writer, doing this can stimulate your imagination. And you never know, you may end up being able to write well after all. If you don’t have anything to write your story down, then do it on your head. The mind is an amazing thing, capable of great processes and thoughts.

So there you go, a short list of ways to keep your mind occupied during times when you may have nothing to do at all. You may want to reread this list, and get some of these in your mind for future recall.

-Trenton Stahl

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Top 5: Misconceptions Hollywood Has of Computers

March 2, 2009 1 comment

Hollywood has misconstrude many things, one of which being computers. Here is a list of the top 5 things hollywood thinks of computers:

5) All computers can be operated without a mouse.

In any movie that shows computers, you can count on them using (read: hacking) them without any help from a mouse. Whether it be accessing email, surfing the internet, or breaking into a top secret database with uber encyption, no one needs a mouse. Apparently we eventually grow out of using them, and everyone knows all the command prompt commands.

4) No computers use the windows operating system.

Out of all the movies I have seen that show computers, only maybe a handful of them use the most widely accepted platform, windows. Now, I understand them not wanting to put Vista up on their screens, if only for the hate mail they would get from the anti-vistaites, however, what about XP? Its stable, and used in almost all facets of computer industry. Instead, they all use a psudo-linux distro that no one has ever seen, and always has alot of windows, and good activity graphics.

3) All cell phones are fully compatable with all computers.

If someone wants some information thats on a computer, they can always use their cell phone to download the data. Of course this is possible, but almost all phones require some kind of program to be on the computer to be able to transfere files. Also, apparently you can send files of any kind to a phone instantly, with no kind of third party software (using a command prompt style interface of course).

2) Once accessed, a computer has no additional security.

When the good guy wants to get information off of a computer, there is always an initial password they have to crack. But once they get pass that, there never seems to be anything else to stop them. No individual files or folders are encrypted, and no one has security on additional applications.

1) No system is out of reach for a teenagers laptop.

Whether it be a government database, a corperation’s network, or the freaking carribean there never seems to be anywhere a laptop cant break into. Hollywood would have you believe that if a person has enough computer skills, they can break into anywhere, anytime, because their a hacker! One movie (XXX: State of the Union) had a guy break into a DOD database with only a home computer setup. But he can do it, because hes a HACKER!

credit goes to

credit goes to

-Trenton Stahl

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.