Tirinwe’s Art

Mable Anastasia Lowery
This is another piece I managed to come up with for a roleplay. Her and Ms. Peacock would have gotten along very well. Mable is richer than her, and does worry more about love however. She has a sloth, and like Ms. Peacock has a love for books and adventure. Making them both extremely ineligible for marriage. They’re both fun to play, and i’m glad I could draw them for the roleplay. This piece was a quick sketch to be honest, but it’s fitting.
Ms. Peacock
I Really Really Love this piece. I’ve always loved the color schemes of peacocks, and when this roleplay I’m partaking it came up it was perfect. This is a steampunkish London, were-creature vs vampire. The whole concept of this piece was well worth the time and effort put into it. I’m very happy with myself and I believe this has been the most composed pieces I’ve done in a very long time.
Contest – Philip’s Wonderland
I’m really really pleased with this one. This piece jump-started my art frenzy. But this was also for that contest i didn’t win. I don’t care though, to have this in my portfolio is enough! This is of the poketards gang, and from left to right I will say who they are. Frank costuming as the door mouse, Aiden as the Hatter, Philip as Alice, Alexandra as the red queen, and Emmet as the white queen. yes, he’s a boy.
Contest- My white witch
I lost a contest, like always! But the good news is now I can post it up here for all of you to see! This contest wanted me to put myself in wonderland. Not the book, but the movie. And sadly, all the hatters made it… ~.! ether way, i’m supposed to be the white queen, and even though she doesn’t follow their white queen, i still think it’s awesome. anyways, this was done while i was at an art show thing for little kids. I was the hot show of the night :) it was very exciting to hear all these good comments, and to be showed off along side professionals was even more amazing! Anyways, please do enjoy as I’ve always said.
Little Doodle
This little doodle is a chibi of Philip and all her Pokemon. She is a character of mine. And yes, i’m playing the new SOUL SILVER game :D it’s very entertaining; and all my friends are playing it with me! I’ve been duel-wielding art projects, I will actually be drawing in front of kids and what-not tomorrow, May 18th 2010, and so I should have enough time to complete one of the pieces! It’ll be really exciting to answer questions and all that! Wish me luck!
Green: Fairy Attraction
My dream Renaissance gown.
Good Morning
This isn’t on my deviant, because I’m not particularly fond of it. I know it’s a very good illustration of my trio. My weaponry skills suck so PLEASE IGNORE THE HORRIDNESS. anyways, I love how Mute’s hair came out, and how cute bulk is! :D YETI LOOOOOVEEEE <3
Okay, I’ve gotta explain this one for the reason I drew it. My friend who creates the comic paranormal has thrown every good idea out of the way to draw ash and gary and pokemon. SO since i haven’t really been in a drawing mood she suggested I draw pokemon. So I drew me, and all the pokemon I would have at least if I had pokemon. I TOTALLY would be an eevee breeder. :D anyways, this is also on my deviant, as is a lot of things.
As all of you’ve probably checked out on here, The paranormal comic. This is Xyin.  Not the main character, but most definitely the coolest half-alien half-cyborg human teen ever!! So I did a fan art for her, very fun to do! The owner of this character really really loved this piece as well.
Now all you can too! :D enjoy!
This is a very detailed portrait of mute. I came across this art tutorial on deviant and it pretty much told me that detailed digital painting uses any color for flesh. I went with the basics, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple. then a basic flesh tone. I really love how this turned out however!  I’m still waiting on the Ponyo contest, i’m afraid I won’t know whether I won or not until march second. Succkeh! oh well. Currently I’m looking into a college in Vancouver for animation. Illustration is still on my mind, but we’ll see. Enjoy!
Aries March 21 – April 20
This i thought about uploading onto deviant, but i believe i’ll wait until I get the rest of them done. Until then, here’s my streampunkish Aries. The site that I got my background information is from here [x] You can go check out your own astrology, as well as see the  order in which i’m doing mine. So you can expect to see yours in the future. Enjoy!
This was very fun to doodle. In the next few days, during the moment in which I’m not swamped with my Junior Research Paper, I will scanning select pieces of art from my journal Trenton kindly provided for me for my birthday a while back. I’ve got several pages, some of which i feel you guys might enjoy. I doubt I’ll do much more with them, but we’ll see. Anyways, back to this piece: I was thinking about “This Is It” After being forced to watch it with my parents. He was going to do a thing about changing the world, and what not. Well this kinda popped into my head and so I drew it. It’s flowy and fluffy i feel.
Mermaid Dance
I’m alive! On my deviant page: http://Tirinwe.Deviantart.com/ I have been busy using up the little spare time I had tot figure out how to use my new Painter tool Sai program that I bought. And so I quickly learned a bunch of techniques and simultaneously became a semi-pro at bubbles. Anyways, I have grown tired of Ponyo, and switched to Mermaids. I love the color contrast, and with a little help from my friend I decided to go with this version. Much cleaner and more whimsy. Anyways, If you’d like to critic, comment, or ask me anything of any sort feel free to email me or contact me on my Deviant page. Otherwise, enjoy!
Happy Birthday!!
Yay! i’m old now!! Tirinwe loves to wrap presents, as you can tell by the lovely mountain of gifts I wished for and never received! hehe! Nah, this was done slightly for me, but mostly my mom who’s birthday is tomorrow. I was born 8:20pm. At was supposed to be born on the 8th. :] A definate late bloomer! Not the case. I really enjoyed coloring in something of tirinwe again, since I haven’t in ages! And yes, I apologize for the slow slow process of leaving all you guys out on the comic. But we’re back at it again, I’ve been working on it as hard as I could (along with a bundle of AP homework that I dearly love~.~).
Ether way! It will get done!!
=) in the mean time, Happy Birthday to myself and my mom! ~<3
Attempts to Fairyland

This was really freaking fun! I stayed up all night for this piece, messing with a new program I might buy called open canvas. Not the point, I listened to Queen and I didn’t stop until it was completed. And this fan-frickin-tastic! This is my proudest piece yet! this is my character, Nertea she’s a demon, and this is her child form. She usually represents me as the artist, although Tirinwe (the alien) is a different part of me that I really hope to show you all. Cheeto is the name of the cat, and yes I do have a fat fluffy mean cat, he’s crazy and he’s my baby. My muse, if you will.
Due to the Princess frog, that Disney came out with i’ve been missing out on drawing kissing frogs, so i decided to go with that =D
besides, I’d kiss a frog to get into fairyland!
Enjoy! and please note i’m going to get rid of the older pieces soonish. But you’ll be able to find them here:
Merry Christmas Kitties…

I’m super proud of this! I really am, and so i’m going to upload this with the Deviant watermark. Why? because I don’t want people claiming this piece as their own. It took me forty hours to finish! so, here it is for you guys to see, consider it a Christmas special =) There’s a lot that went into this, not just because of the syfy alice (which started this) but also my excitement for christmas, etc. etc! there’s a LOT about this that I refuse to retype to you guys, so if you want to know more please please please go to deviant! thanks and enjoy! =D

Quick Sleep
This was fun to do, i think she’s cute too! =) again, messing with Open canvas, and this was after two nights of straight up staying up and listening to Queen (good band) and drawin’ my heart away. I wanted sleep right about when this started, and somehow i got inspiration off of it! and this was a quickie, and with little layers and colors as you can see. But She is now my avatar on everything for the year 2010. Crazy? I know!
please enjoy and check out my art if you ever decide you want it on your wall:
I wouldn’t mind selling ;)
Deviant ID
This was done rather recently. I was working with Open canvas on this, and decided to create this beauty. It was rather fun limiting myself to only a couple of colors and only a few layers after my biggest project for christmas. I drew this after seeing avatar, great movie! A must see in 3D!!! anywho! Um.. this is a weird rep of me, i don’t look like her but the idea is that she’s caught in a world that doesn’t belong in the one she lives in.
Aka, Imagination. Further information on this piece here:
Da Witch!
This was done for me alone, it’s just something a little more “fashionistic” hehe it was a quick sketch with my tablet, and it turned out really nice! I love it!! I’m a little weary of posting up stuff without a watermark, so if you guys know a good site? I do have an email in the info page!! =) anyways, please check out my Deviant, you’ll see lots more, email me, cuz i like emails and love!
Seriously! I do:
Tao Ka Ka
Okay I’ve neglected you guys, Trenton and the comic. I’m very sorry! I’m sure you can hate me later, but during my neglect I was having artistic issues. Well, no more I say! so, i’m going to be uploading again, and with a little help with Trenton perhaps get the comic started again. Anyways, back to art. This is all done by me, aside from the background logo thing, and the title. hehe! I was introduced to this game by my cousin, and i love this character!!
I will warn you all, I suck at the game, but i’m not the worst! ^ ^ anyways, this makes a great background.
Please, if you’d like to see more go here:
Blue Moon

This is downloadable on deviant

This is downloadable on deviant

This was a gift from a buddy of mine, he asked for a wolf howling at the moon, so i gave it too him. I really like how my wolf turned out, my first time doing a decent job at a dog, aside from my falling pup in push you away. I’m soo in love with my tablet!!! It’s amazing!!!
Push you away


This picture was WAY to LARGE to fit and show all of you, so I BEG OF YOU PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE AND SEE ALL OF IT!!
you don’t need a profile to see the drawing, and I had to take the orig watermark it and cut it down so you could see. I worked really hard, would like for it to be FULLY enjoyed by all of you, and i would appreciate comments if you have a deviant account. This site is not my main profile nor is it my blog, that’s all on deviant. so please, goo see why the boy is waving and read why I wrote it because all of it is COMPLETELY symbolic.
thanks, and enjoy the tease =)
Swamp Princess
She's a Swamp princess!

She's a Swamp princess!

I was reaaaaalllly bored today at work and with the lack of internet and general work to do I decided to color this really old sketch I did on a note card. I think she turned out lovely. I did this in math, and somewhat in japanese. On the back of the notecard is my lovely hiragana! hehe I enjoyed coloring her very much so. My favorite (besides the burst of color she is) is her skirt, it’s very glittery and took me the longest time ^ ^
Enjoy, Email me for comments anytime!! seriously!
Gaia Avatar

My gaia avatar: Nertea

My gaia avatar: Nertea

Alrighty this was my gaia avatar. Actually so far it still is! It’s just a portrait shot I did, it turned out cool so I continued with it. I really do like how this turned out. I Put this up here because a lot of my gaia buddies have been getting on and checking this site out so: I do commisions for people!! ^ ^ for gaia avatars perhaps some gaia cash. I dunno If you want you can EMAIL Me. or you can look me up on gaia: Nertea
Ether way, enjoy!
This is the original color scheme

This is the original color scheme, i call it passion

This is the original piece of the blue one. I really worked hard on the face of the girl, and it paid off. I really enjoy this, and feel like you should too! Again please contact me for commisions, suggestions, tips, love notes, fan letters etc. etc!!!

this is the other version, i call it safety

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

  1. Paige
    May 15, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    I love your artwork!!! :) It’s so good and it’s easy to tell that drawing is your passion.

  2. January 6, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Ah, how I adore your art style and use of color and how you can actually go and finish a project.
    I wish I could finish projects.

  3. littlegreymen
    March 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm


    I love your style! Your colors are courageous and refreshingly honest! I love how you balance light and dark in the backgrounds, too! You have the master’s gift of conveying your feelings and experiences on a level that is approachable and accessible to your viewers. They can—or at least, I can—come away with a lasting impression; something familiar and personal that we all keep close to our hearts and minds in order to relate to the outside world. That rocks. Peace…

  4. September 12, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological
    world everything is available on web?

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